The Malden River: Next in Line for Success!

Welcome ~ Bloggers, Readers, Community Organizers, Lovers of the Malden River! This site is a meeting place for all those who want to see improvements to the Malden River. Explore the menu items across the top of the page to view the many resources that are stored here as a community toolkit for learning and sharing. Use this site as a way to voice your own opinion about what can be done to make a bright future for the Malden River.

The Friends of the Malden River, formed in 2012, is a citizen activist group that advocates for the Malden River. Our monthly meetings are open to the public – please join us! Check out the Friends of Malden River mission statement here

Fill out the form below to learn more and get involved as a Friend of the Malden River!


This 90-second short gives a brief history of the Malden River in Everett, Malden, and Medford, MA, and shares the enthusiasm for a bright future.

If you would like to see the full video created by TriCAP a few years ago, press play below!


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