MALDEN HISTORY: Remember when?

Courtesy Photo


By Peter Levine

Posted Jan. 25, 2016 at 2:10 PM


Each week, we intend to bring you a rare and vintage glimpse into Malden’s glorious past. Rarely seen photograph’s and images that we hope you will enjoy, and share with friends.

This week’s photo — before Mammoth Mart! Before Star Market! Before the Stadium Cafe! Before even Donut Villa, there was nothing. Here is the layout: top of the photo is the Malden River — in those days the only known place on earth with more chemicals and contaminates than Dow Chemical. Converse Rubber Factory on Pearl Street is located in front of the river where, I swear, more sneakers went out the back windows than the back loading docks. In front of Converse was where Edgeworth gathered on the 4th of July and many other special celebratory occasions. It may have been called Converse Field, I will ask a few Edgeworth old timers like Hank Pitts, Joe Teta, or Phil Longo if they remember. It was also home to a baseball diamond that many in Edgeworth remember fondly to this very day. The ball field is the current home to John Brewer’s Tavern, Donut Villa and the Dollar Store, amongst others. via @maldenobserver

Please share your stories!  There is a comment attached to this article at the Malden Observer  by Bill Nutile.  Now, Bill lives in Chestertown, MD (right on the Chesapeake Bay).

From Bill Nutile: “…my friends and I would walk over the railroad tracks from Edgeworth, (Pearl Street and Malden Street area) to go swimming in the Malden River…”

Stay tuned for more stories to be shared on the river!


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