A Natural and Human History and Recreation Guide

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The Mystic River: A Natural and Human History and Recreation Guide

By: Richard H. Beinecke

Institute for Public Service, Suffolk University


The Mystic Lakes begin in Winchester Massachusetts. South of the Winchester border, the Upper Mystic Lake becomes part of Arlington.  The Mystic River flows from it down to Boston Harbor at Charlestown and Chelsea in Boston. These waterways and the communities along them are full of history, important natural resources, and under-utilized recreation resources. The book is a users’ guide to their boating and other recreational opportunities, history, and environmental challenges.

Also available: The Mystic River: A Natural and Human History. A slide presentation by Dr. Beinecke based on the book that can be tailored to the community in which it is presented. Full of history and surprising facts on the Mystic and the waterways and communities along it. A great event for historical societies, universities, and community groups.   Order your copy today: $17.59 direct from Amazon; Kindle edition: $9.95 (prices as of Sept. 20, 2013).

For more information: rickhbeinecke@comcast.net

Table of Contents

Chapter: Malden River


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