Audio-Documentary Presentation

Over the course of the Malden River Field Projects Course, the practicum team has produced an audio documentary that tells the story of the Malden River through the voices of local residents. The documentary is approximately 11 minutes long and emulates the radio documentary style of popular shows such as Radio Lab and This American Life. Interview respondents’ voices make up the majority of the documentary, with narration by the WSSS Team connecting the parts of the story. The documentary has been distributed to WBUR (local Boston news and NPR radio station), to the public via the Malden River Field Project website, to local agencies such as MyRWA and Tri-CAP, and to interviewees that expressed interest in obtaining a final product.

Stories about the Malden River and thoughts on its current condition and future were gathered through recorded interviews with experts of the Malden River. Some of those experts were Malden, Everett, and Medford residents who did not believe themselves to be experts but were surprised with their knowledge of the history and culture surrounding the towns and the river. Such experts were found through an on-the-street questioning method, where the practicum team asked passersby to talk about the Malden River as a contribution to the documentary. A second type of expert consisted of professionals and academics that work with and study the Malden River and its people and could provide political, economic, and environmental background information for the documentary audience.


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