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Check out the front page of today’s Boston Globe North section for an article featuring Tri-Cap’s new Environmental Justice Organizer, Jonathon Feinberg!

photo globe article 7-18-14

Jonathon Feinberg will coordinate community involvement in the Malden River’s cleanup. Photo by Barry Ingber

Aim is for all to paddle together in rejuvenating Malden River:

Citizen input sought on Malden River use

By John Laidler | Globe Correspondent   July 17, 2014

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As local officials and advocates pursue the goal of restoring the Malden River for greater public use, a new initiative seeks to ensure that nearby residents can take part.

The Tri-City Community Action Program recently hired an environmental justice organizer to lead an outreach effort aimed at engaging low-income, immigrant, and minority populations from neighborhoods close to the river in the effort to make it a more positive presence in their lives…

“Environmental justice is not just about the cleanliness of the river, it’s about what happens once the river is clean”  Feinberg said.

If you would like more information on how you can help restore the Malden River as an asset in our communities, please contact us here.

Jonathon can be reached at or (781) 322-4125 x.237