Sense of Place is requisite to any re-envisioning process.  It is informed by an understanding of where this place is in space. What landmarks are nearby?  Who lives here?  What are the political boundaries?  A Map is a powerful way of answering these questions.  It provides a tangible centerpiece for conversation in public meetings so that everyone is using the same spatial references. 

In demonstrating the spatial context for Malden River, we wanted to show that Everett, Malden, and Medford are the municipalities that directly abut the river.  These communities have the most to gain by re-envisioning what the Malden can be.  Instead of the industrial wasteland it was, Malden River has the potential to be a shared amenity, a peaceful gathering place for families living nearby.

The map delivered to Mystic River Watershed Association began with an aerial photo of the Malden River and surrounding area.  Upon this backdrop, a series of GIS layers were downloaded from MassGIS data sets and applied to our Malden River Map.  These included: municipal boundaries, town names, major highways, water bodies (with labels), and a dotted line, indicating the sub-watershed boundary.

The following maps have been created by Tufts University’s 2013 WSSS team:

 General Location Map

Impervious Surface Map

Chapter 91 with Owners

Malden River Drainage Basin Map

Trails and Paths Map


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