The WSSS Team has provided the following recommendations in an attempt provide the Friends of the Malden River (or other citizen-led groups that may form in the future) with suggestions for improving the group’s capacity and increase interest in the Malden River.  These recommendations can also be utilized by MyRWA in supporting community-organizing efforts around the Malden River.

The current capacity recommendations could be implemented within six months to one year.  Higher capacity recommendations could be implemented after the group has sustained active membership, or approximately one year.  The WSSS Team recognizes that these timelines are subject to change.  The intention of the timelines is to suggest which recommendations could be most feasible utilizing the current capacity of the group, especially with regard to recruitment, and which recommendations could be addressed when higher group capacity is achieved.

The recommendations are based on research done by the WSSS practicum team at Tufts. The information found and the suggestions provided are primarily to inspire ideas of invested viewers. 

If you have a vision, let it be heard… Post your comments below

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