Strategic Memo

Polluted and abandoned by industry, then noticed and embraced by its community, the story of the Malden River can be one of dramatic change, given adequate community support. Up until recently, there was little citizen support for advocating for improved conditions on the Malden River. In 2012, however, interest in forming a Malden River advocacy group arose with a few community leaders planning public meeting to educate residents about the Malden River. Some participants at the meetings expressed interest in being active members of a group that could advocate for the river. This group, the Friends of the Malden River, will hopefully establish itself as a powerful resident voice in advocating revitalization efforts along the Malden River.

This Strategic Memo is intended for the Friends of the Malden River and ultimately provides the following information: historical and current context, a review of case studies, literature analysis of community organizing, and suggestions for further action.


The strategic memorandum is based on research done by the WSSS practicum team at Tufts. The information found and the suggestions provided are primarily to inspire ideas of invested viewers.

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